Posted by: r.m. | March 17, 2014

Solidarity, Roger Waters, BDS, and common roots

Talking about solidarity… Roger Waters has an article entitled ‘Why I must speak out on Israel, Palestine, and BDS‘, published today in Salon Magazine about solidarity! He speaks out powerfully – once again – in support of the Boycott movement against apartheid in Israel.

After more than two decades of negotiations, the vulnerable Palestinian population still lives under occupation, while more land is taken, more illegal settlements built, and more Palestinians are imprisoned, injured or killed struggling for the right to live in dignity and peace, to raise their families, to till their land, to aspire to each and every human goal, just like the rest of us. The Palestinians’ prolonged statelessness has made them among the most vulnerable of all peoples, particularly in their diaspora where, as now in Syria, they are subject, as stateless, powerless refugees, to targeted violence, from all sides in that bloody conflict, subject to unimaginable hardship and  deprivation and, in many cases, particularly for the vulnerable young, to starvation.   

What can we all do to advance the rights of Palestinians in the occupied territories, Israel and the diaspora? Well, BDS is a nonviolent, citizen-led movement that is grounded in universal principles of human rights for all people. All people! In consequence, I have determined that the BDS approach is one I can fully support.

With regards to solidarity, he writes:

I believe that the root of all injustice and oppression has always been the same – the dehumanization of the other. It is the obsession with Us and Them that can lead us, regardless of racial or religious identity, into the abyss.

Let us never forget that oppression begets more oppression, and the tree of fear and bigotry bears only bitter fruit. The end of the occupation of Palestine, should we all manage to secure it, will mean freedom for the occupied and the occupiers and freedom from the bitter taste of all those wasted years and lives. And that will be a great gift to the world.

“Ashes and diamonds

Foe and friend

We were all equal

In the end.”



  1. It’s hard to speak the truth on this subject without being branded as anti-Semitic. But the fact remains that what is going on is a serious violation of human rights. However, when Jews from all over the world, along with a few decent Israelis, agree that what is happening to the Palestinian people is wrong, there can no longer be any doubt whatsoever that things need to change.
    There’s hardly any people on this planet that has not suffered injustice in some form or another throughout history, but having gone through something tragic does not excuse the act of oppressing others.
    I now have serious admiration for Roger Waters (even if I must confess that I wasn’t entirely certain of who he is, before my time I’m afraid), and I agree with him fully, that a nonviolent response is the right way to go.
    Thanks for sharing this Dr. Rania.

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