Posted by: r.m. | April 1, 2014


Breaking news

The Israeli Knesset today realized that there is a powerful way to stop the growing international BDS movement worldwide: by recognizing that apartheid is incompatible with basic moral decency. Consequently, the Israeli Knesset has declared that the system of apartheid imposed in Israel – and throughout the Occupied Territory – must immediately be dismantled, and that full equality – regardless of one’s religious viewpoints or ethnic background –  must be implemented.  All Palestinian refugees from 1948 are thus also welcomed to return to their villages.  The Israeli people responded to the call by calling for open discussions on a democratic one-state solution.

Palestinians dusted off their old home keys from 1948 and began the return. In response to the worries of some Israeli former Zionists that Palestinians may seek revenge, a leading grassroots organizer said that the land of Palestine will teach forgiveness.

Mahmoud Abbas had no comment; he was thrown in jail by the people.


Breaking news

In reviewing his old papers, President Obama realized that drones are a violation of juris prudence, an issue he had somehow earlier forgotten although he was a constitutional law professor. He also recognized that NSA surveillance is a violation of the US constitution.  Both are hereby ended through executive order.


Breaking news

Ashraf Rifi resigns as Lebanese Minister of Justice, stating that he can no longer bear the irony of his position.


Breaking news

The leading schools of economics in the US announce that an economic model built on constant growth is in violation of the Laws of Thermodynamics,  and they recognize that those laws are not governable by humans. They thus concede that a new model of economics is necessary — one designed within ecological limits. They also state, in their humbling announcement, that economies need to be designed for the people, as a means to people’s happiness and well-being.

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