Posted by: r.m. | April 2, 2014

Water is life – not to be compared to gold

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Water is Life – not to be compared to gold. There is no substitute for water!

If you live in Lebanon and drive through its highways or simply watch the news — on any of the non-state channels (LBC, MTV, Future, OTV, Manar, NBN), you quite likely have seen an advertisement for “Blue Gold” – hosted by the “Civic Influence Hub.” The adverts are slick, smart, and are designed to lead the viewer to express dismay at the government’s inability to provide clean water efficiently and thus to encourage the viewer to trust in this Civic Influence Hub.

Please don’t.

Al-Akhbar has revealed some of the problematic issues in this drive to privatize the source, distribution, and pricing of Lebanon’s water. See: Blue Gold: The deceitful plan to commodify water in Lebanon (and in arabic, here
And a campaign is underway in Lebanon to protect our water.





  1. Reblogged this on Daniel Ibn Zayd and commented:
    As I’m proofreading K’s PhD on the water sector, and how our future’s have been sacrificed for the IMF, the World Bank, and every other acronymed agency and NGO with their tentacles holding Lebanon prone and their fangs draining its life force, it really is the greatest of insults that they might imagine us so stupid as to believe their mendaciousness on top of everything else. The “Summer Without Water” is going to be a nightmare; those responsible for it should brace themselves.

  2. The problem with this report is that it does not question the notion of demand.
    Demand is not 4 billion cubic meters because there isn’t 4 billion cubic meters available.

    Or vice versa if 6 billion were available demand for 6 billion could be generated.
    Demand is function of political economy and of the vision we have for water resource management.

    greetings ya Ibn Zayd

  3. what is most dissatisfying of this is how they have the courage to come into universities and lobby the youth with their brainwashing material. if i had seen that same lecture I’m sure i would have fallen into the same trap of trusting them. even the university president was praising them, how could we not believe them? it is an attractive idea that water can be solved by experts outside the government. but their lack of scientific research and support should raise a question mark in all our heads. i hope balamand doesn’t agree to host one of these ‘marketing oppurtunities’ seminars as mentioned in the article. furthermore, it is most certainly not the ‘plan of the lebanese’. i trust us lebanese to raise intelligent minds and engineers who want the interest of our country and work to make it a better place. their attempt to generalize the minds behind this helps their liability. what is most convincing against their plan is how it contradicts the many scientific researches done. it is crucial to consider the population growth and effect of climate change and can hence impossibly provide surplus water. so not only are they lying, but they are exaggerating their promised results. it is repeatedly said throughout the article that it is almost impossible to end up with surplus water. whether tourists or refugees, they also add to the growing population of lebanon’s water needs. i hope many articles like this can be published to aware the poor people who have no idea where these 5 billion dollars are going.

  4. The dilemma in Lebanon is the lack of an effective government. As a result, people tend to trust private companies. Since the responsibility falls in the Lebanese people and activists with the absence of a government, they should provide, with the help of experts, a plan to mitigate water scarcity.

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