Posted by: r.m. | April 23, 2014

Climate Change: obstacles we face are also internal

The eloquent Naomi Klein:

“Climate change is a collective problem demanding collective action the likes of which humanity has never actually accomplished. Yet it entered mainstream consciousness in the midst of an ideological war being waged on the very idea of the collective sphere.”


An excellent piece, to be read in full.

Here’s a teasing excerpt:

“Scientists are studying cases of climate-related mistiming among dozens of species, from Arctic terns to pied flycatchers. But there is one important species they are missing—us. Homo sapiens. We too are suffering from a terrible case of climate-related mistiming, albeit in a cultural-historical, rather than a biological, sense. Our problem is that the climate crisis hatched in our laps at a moment in history when political and social conditions were uniquely hostile to a problem of this nature and magnitude—that moment being the tail end of the go-go ’80s, the blastoff point for the crusade to spread deregulated capitalism around the world. Climate change is a collective problem demanding collective action the likes of which humanity has never actually accomplished. Yet it entered mainstream consciousness in the midst of an ideological war being waged on the very idea of the collective sphere.

– Climate change demands that we consume less, but being consumers is all we know.

– Climate change is slow, and we are fast.

– Climate change is place-based, and we are everywhere at once.

– Climate pollutants are invisible, and we have stopped believing in what we cannot see.

– Climate change is about how what we did generations in the past will inescapably affect not just the present, but generations in the future. These time frames are a language that has become foreign to most of us.

Read the full article here



  1. Jina Shammas (biol207)
    Being ‘consumers’ as mentioned in the article, we only think about consuming more and more, and hence exacerbating the problem of climate change. Climate change is personal, not just a random problem not touching us. It is, in fact. It is touching not just our environment but our personal habitats. Political and historical events just make it worse, and the more the climate changes, the more we will witness wars and fights. As houses will be destroyed and poverty will be increased, things will only get worse. Therefore, it is not a choice whether or not to take an action as ‘consumers’; it is a must for it is our planet that we are destroying and our personal world that we are ravaging. Finally, it is very true that climate change is slow but we are fast. Even though the climate is changing on the long run, we, as individuals can directly be affected but this change no matter how gradual and slow it is.

  2. Nicolas Abdallah (BIOL207)
    Climate change raises a very important challenge to the international community, it’s a chance to demonstrate that we didn’t loose our common sense. With no doubt whatsoever, this phenomenon poses a huge threat on life: global security, public health, economics, psychology, resources…. That’s without even mentioning the main impact it’s expected to have on the environment and therefore on the ongoing process of evolution.

    This is a cause to many meetings between scientists to try to asses the severity of the case and try to solve it. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is an example. This panel is put under financial and political pressure to show only the best case scenario of what might be the future of our planet, and this “best” case is really really bad, so imagine what the worse might actually bring us. We’re talking here about a near-extinction of the human race.

    If the conferences that are carried to discuss this issue want to go beyond taking photos of the participants and post them on the internet or in newspapers toward something more practical and effective, some compromises must be made. All the nations that are contributing the most in climate change must be ready to take measures that reduce their green house gas emission, even if this means some economic losses on the short term. If that’s not done, the loss will be more significant: it’ll be our earth. So it’s that time where we have to make a decision; money or earth? So far we’re choosing the first option, I really hope that will change as soon as possible!

  3. Despite the mistiming that occurred at a time where corruption overwhelmed and nations were too ignorant to react or change, this is not the case anymore. Humans are now much more acquainted with the drastic life-changing effects that climate change can inflict upon the globe. Although many animal species have experienced losses many others have adapted to this change to sustain their life. We,as humans, have all the power and brilliance we need to change and to refuse to go on selfishly deteriorating our planet and leaving no hope for future generations. After gaining the knowledge about climate change that we previously had no access to, it is very shameful not to try to clean up the mess we have made.

  4. Right now it is a critical moment to start our reactions to climate change to , at least trying to stop it at this point. The writer of the article blames the policy makers for the late actions. He thinks that actually they do not care about climate change and they do not consider it an important event. Indeed, he is not wrong. The disasters that happened and are happening as a result of climate change are quite obvious. Immediate reactions should be taken, but instead, the required attention is not noticed. It is really sad to see how some corruptive people can take such bad decisions that affect the whole planet.

  5. All we do is consume, and we don’t give anything back to the nature. We cut trees, but we don’t replant. We are using the water as if it’s never going to end. How stupid are we? They say you have to give first, to get something back, we can’t just keep taking from nature as if its resources are infinite. We are more than late to wake up. Look where our irresponsible acts led to: drastic climate change. It’s not only affecting the ecosystem, but even us. All the countries are experiencing draught, inclusively Lebanon. Due to the increase in temperature, which is occurring because of the high emission of green gases. Extreme draught is affecting not only the agriculture, but also is causing firing of the forests. For this reason, countries are passing through economical and social problems. Who’s fault is it? Our fault. Do we still have time to solve this problem? Hopefully, if we act fast. We need to focus on what are our needs, what can the nature offer us, and how can we recompense it. Then we will be on the safe side. If we don’t do this, we are going to facing drastic wars inclusively for water.

  6. Two obstacles stand between us and the solid solution for climate change, greed and ignorance. Researchers have forgotten about the human race when studying the effect of climate change, but we brought this to ourselves, we are responsible for the death of million of species. Power is within our hands to stop the deterioration of our planet but greed remains the ultimate obstacle.

  7. The population is increasing day by day, so our demands are as well. There will be a day where the natural resources will become scarce. There are still enough natural resources to supply our needs but not to supply our greed. If we recompense what we are taking from nature, the natural resources wouldn’t end. However, we are not knowing how to manage it. We need to decrease our footprint, by decreasing import of food and meat, by using public transport, and changing the agricultural technologies. Otherwise, green gases emission will keep on increasing, causing raise in temperature and climate change. We need to change our lifestyles, so we can still save the little remaining from nature, to ensure our existence.

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