Posted by: r.m. | August 17, 2014

My interview on Columbus, Ohio radio on Palestine (and to a lesser degree, Iraq)

 On August 9, I was interviewed on Columbus, Ohio community radio. The interview was aired/posted on August 15. I am introduced at 11.40 minutes, and then the speech I gave on Texas is aired (12.45 to 21.53) and then the interview began.  Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 11.29.49 AM


Here is the link:



  1. Here’s some of the data on what, IMHO, was a blood ritual and I’m sure an actuary could prove the likelihood of this being true!

    1) 3 “Jewish Boys Kidnapped”(9) on 6/12: (6)+(3)=(9), [3,9,6,3,9]
    2) The response to this came 60 minutes later, for some odd reason.
    3) Three Jewish boys:
    A) EYAL YIFRAH(1), 19 (1=eloHim in Kabbalah)
    B) GILAD SHAAR(6), 16
    C) Naftali Fraenkel(9), 16 Already this numerology stinks!

    4) Bodies of teens are found in WADI TELLEM(9) 18(9) days later on 6/30 (6)+(3)=(9)[3,9,6,3,9]
    1. The three bodies were found around 6pm(9) or 18:00(9)

    1. Begins after midnight, the ‘witching hour’, [when demons/ etc. are most active], on 7/1/2014(6). Name+Date(9) [6,9]
    2. 3 DAYS BEFORE 7/4/2014(9) America’s supposed independence date.[3,9]

    In a ritual this would be to tie it in with a larger purpose of the harvesting of America, in the style of the Russian Jewish Bankster Masonic COUP, called ‘communism’.

    Here’s a video with an intro of the Kabbalah ritual:

    Heretofore, alone, are an unlikely quantity of numbers that are multiples of 3 that happen to line up with Kabbalah. Why, if this is not a planned ritual murder?

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