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Moataz Hijazi…his story is the story of Palestine

My thoughts continue to go back to Moataz Hijazi. A young man. Born under occupation. Torn away from his life and into jail at 18 for the “crime” of throwing rocks against an occupying power. The vast majority of those  ten years in jail – he spent in solitary.

“Life in Israeli prison was as merciless as hell. All the years in detention, I felt I was in a grave and was always at risk.”

He was released from that hell in 2010.

Yesterday morning, the Israeli occupying forces shot and killed him.

“Witnesses said that plain-clothes Israeli police in unmarked vehicles and uniformed police arrived before 6 am. They took positions around the house and stormed it. On the roof, Hijazi, 32, was shot dead. … One neighbor who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of police reprisals said. “He was on the roof, so the police could have captured him but they didn’t want to. They wanted to kill him.”

Several bullet holes pocked the wall on the roof where Hijazi was killed. A solar panel, visible in a photo taken said to have been taken shortly after his death, was riddled with bullet holes. Young boys showed journalists bullet casings they collected from the rooftop that were marked IMI, the acronym for Israeli Military Industries. Clouds of tear gas fired by nearby Israeli Border Police drifted through the neighborhood.

Hijazi’s neighbor, Bellal Burqan, 23, watched from an adjacent house that overlooks the roof where Hijazi was killed. Burqan described a scene of massive police violence. “They were shooting everywhere,” he said. According to Burqan, after he was shot, police shot Hijazi in the head from point-blank range — a tactic known as “confirming the kill.”


The Israeli occupying forces claim that Moataz Hijazi shot a right-wing Israeli settler. No evidence given.

As Ali Abunimah wrote in an excellent analysis, Moataz “is the perfect “suspect” – few Israelis would question the official account, especially since Hijazi served time in prison and was affiliated with Islamic Jihad. It is likely that Hijazi is part of a “target bank” kept by Israel – a list of people to be eliminated either when the opportunity arises, or as convenient scapegoats. We may never know the truth because Israeli police – apparently competent enough to track Hijzazi down within hours, but not capable of taking him alive – killed him. Dead men don’t talk.

Do read Abunimah’s analysis:  Who shot Yehuda Glick?  — “For months, Israeli settlers, inspired and led by the New York-born Glick and Moshe Feiglin, deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, have been escalating their incursions into the al-Aqsa compound, provoking violence and incitement against Palestinians.”

… Moataz Hijazi is on my mind.  The occupation stole his life, stole his freedom, stole his dreams.  His resistance of an occupation viewed as a crime. No evidence needed for his killing.

And now, the Israeli forces have arrested his father and brother and threatened to demolish his house.  And they have taken his city, his land, his country.

A third intifada is raging now in Jerusalem, despite Abu Mazen and his security alliances (which I discussed in this Press TV interview yesterday), despite the increasing occupation in Jerusalem, despite the effective silence of the Arab world (and specifically Jordan, which is responsible for Al-Aqsa mosque), despite them all — the intifada rages in Jerusalem, as it has been for months now.



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    No justice, no peace! Another extra-judicial assassination by the insolent usurpers to add to the damning indictments of their egregious war crimes!

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  3. He was jailed in 2000 for 14 counts of arson burning Jewish homes and schools in Kiryat Yuval where he was helping his father deliver newspapera. In 2001 in prison used a razour blade to slash two guards faces. In 2003 did the same to a third guard. Later he poured boiling water on a fellow Arab prisoner. He was never jailed for “throwing stomes.” If you arent willing to research you should not be posting.

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