Posted by: r.m. | November 18, 2014

7 quick points to contextualize the (retaliatory) attack in Jerusalem

Want to understand the attack on the synagogue in Jerusalem today?

First, understand that Jerusalem is occupied. The land is not “disputed” or “contested.” It is occupied.

Second, recognize that human rights violations continue – on a daily – basis against Palestinians, both in occupied Jerusalem and in the larger occupied West Bank (as well as within “Israel” and, of course, in Gaza).
-Homes are demolished, again and again. From 1999 to May 2014, almost 1,000 homes in occupied Jerusalem were demolished, leaving more than 2,028 Palestinians house-less.
-Children – children! – are detained and shot by the Israeli military. Example: Two days ago, Israeli military officials defended the attack of a 10-year-old Palestinian boy at the Kissufim checkpoint, after troops shot him in the neck for “loitering.” Israeli military confirm that shooting the child in the neck for “loitering” was consistent with the military protocol.
– People are lynched, shot, tortured, injured – on a regular basis.
– Land is continually stolen. Israel plans to build 500 new colonies – leading to the expulsion of 1,000 Palestinians from their homes and their lands!
– Lives regularly dehumanized. Attacks against Palestinians are dismissed by the international media, although they are institutionalized, systemic, and stem from the dominant power structure. (What about you? Did you raise a flag as to the regular killings of Palestinians?)
– Decent living standards deliberately denied. 75% of the Palestinian Jerusalemites live below the poverty line. Plus, since early June of this year, Palestinian neighborhoods have been regularly flooded with tear gas, skunk water, and drones.
– Residency rights for Palestinian Jerusalemites are denied (while any Jew can live there). On average, since 1967, 200 Palestinians have been denied their residency rights in Jerusalem. More than 14,309 Palestinians have been denied their residency rights since 1967. This is ethnic cleansing.
Apartheid strengthened. Institutionalized!

Third, recognize that these human rights violations are supported by the institutions within Israel – from military, to settlers, to media, to universities. Example: Israeli settlers lynch a Palestinian driver, Hassan Yousef Rammouni, 32, and father of two children, in occupied Jerusalem. Israeli authorities respond by prohibiting Hassan’s family from taking his body until they sign a paper declaring that Hassan committed suicide. Example: Israeli forces fail to probe 83% of settler violence cases — rights group. Example: Israeli settlers regularly “hit-and-run” Palestinians and no charged are imposed on them; all are regarded as mere “accidents.”

Fourth, refuse to decontextualize this act from the ongoing occupation. It CANNOT be separated.

Fifth, it honestly doesn’t matter if you personally support or condemn the attack, if you stand with liberation and justice, then stand with the occupied people’s right to resist, stand with the struggle, stand against occupation and apartheid.

Sixth, what happened today in the synagogue has a name: it is called armed resistance against occupation.

Seventh, still having difficulty? Well – did you support the French resistance against the Nazi occupation?


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