Posted by: r.m. | December 9, 2014

We are not disposable. We are alive. We resist.

We are not disposable.
Our lives our not disposable.

From those who work in the sweatshops around the world,
to those forced from the crippled public school system in US cities to the privatized, money-making, forced -labor prison system,
to the working class forced into a state of criminalized homelessness and poverty

From those who are deemed lesser by racism, empowered by capitalism,
from those of us in Palestine to Yemen to Afghanistan to Mexico,
from our communities of color in the United States, from black, brown, from African-Americans and First Nation communities

From the millions of refugees – forced from their homes due to military violence, economic violence, or climate change violence
from the Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi refugees
from all who risk their lives on rickety boats and across dangerous, artificial borders
to the millions of climate change refugees to come when their land drowns

We scream out, again and again,
We are not disposable.

Our lives our not disposable.
Our lives matter.
We are not collateral damage.


We are alive. We are rising.
We are the many.
We resist. We are resisting.

There will come a day when rationality will reign,
when this irrationality of violence and poverty and racism will be dust,

and the sunlight of freedom and justice and equality will be supreme.

We are alive.

We resist.

We rejoice


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