Posted by: r.m. | November 16, 2015

Media Biases: terrorism against Beirut neighborhood (Interviews)

After the Thursday terrorist attack on Beirut, I was quoted by the Institute for Public Accuracy:

 “We are not numbers. I say this as I remember the 43 people killed and the 239 wounded in this terrorist attack on a neighborhood. We are not numbers.

“Among dead and injured are books/backpacks belonging to schoolchildren. …

I was then interviewed by Flashpoints (radio station in California).

Here is that interview:  (Note: I mistakenly stated that there 3-4 attackers; the next day, we discovered that there were 2. I also mistakenly stated that the terrorist bombing happened at 7 pm local time, while it was actually at 6 pm local time.)

The next day, Real News interviewed Vijay Prashad and me, to discuss: “The Media’s Skewed Portrayal of the Bombing in Beirut. Rania Masri and Vijay Prashad say the western media’s reporting on the ISIS bombing in Lebanon is deeply racist and accepts the ISIS narrative by describing the southern Beirut neighborhood as a “Hezbollah bastion”

Here is the link that interview

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.11.55 PM



  1. Davvero molto ben fatti. Fumetti e didattica… è inutile che continuo a dire quanto sono favorevole; conviene leggere anche gli altri post suggeriti e ogni dubbio sicuramente svanisce.Un fumettoso saluto ed un fisico abacrcbioMarco

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