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The #US and #ISIS (from imperialist intent, violent discourse, to drones)

Two points to discuss about the US and ISIS

—  Intention?

Someone close to the US Administration has finally  confirmed what we guessed all along to be the US strategy: split the region into smaller states according to their sectarian identity.John Bolton – former US ambassador to the UN – writes, “To Defeat ISIS, Create a Sunni State.” In typical imperialist fashion, absence from the discourse is the voice of the indigenous population — the Syrians and Iraqis. We have, rather, more voices of empire discussing how to divide and (further) rule other people’s lands, cities, and nation.

Too conspiratorial to claim this is/was the US intention?  Let’s remember this document, as discussed by Seamus Milne article in the Guardian here – under the title ‘Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq’!

Excerpt: A recently declassified secret US intelligence report, written in August 2012, which uncannily predicts – and effectively welcomes – the prospect of a “Salafist principality” in eastern Syria and an al-Qaida-controlled Islamic state in Syria and Iraq. In stark contrast to western claims at the time, the Defense Intelligence Agency document identifies al-Qaida in Iraq (which became Isis) and fellow Salafists as the “major forces driving the insurgency in Syria” – and states that “western countries, the Gulf states and Turkey” were supporting the opposition’s efforts to take control of eastern Syria. …A year into the Syrian rebellion, the US and its allies weren’t only supporting and arming an opposition they knew to be dominated by extreme sectarian groups; they were prepared to support the creation of some sort of “Islamic state” – despite the “grave danger” to Iraq’s unity – to weaken Syria

— Discourse?

A former CIA intelligence officer turned blogger Michael Scheuer said the U.S. should bomb even hospitals and universities  Isn’t that the ethic of #ISIS? Remember – ISIS wanted to bomb a hospital in Beirut and then opted to bomb a marketplace instead (not because they don’t want to harm patients but because it was easier). Isn’t that the ethnic of Zionism?Another US pundit learning from the Israelis: Americans shouldn’t care about non-American civilians killed, he says

Of course this is the usual corporate-media. No surprise to discover that the US Media is Fueling War Fervor, Xenophobia In 24/7 Cycle

Reminder: – Who is bombing Syria?

From the Intercept: “A coalition made up of the United States, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates began striking ISIS targets in Syria in September 2014, with the U.S. military taking the overwhelming lead in the bombings. As of this month, U.S. warplanes had delivered roughly 94 percent of the nearly 3,000 coalition airstrikes in Syria, according to coalition figures. While the coalition has maintained that it operates the most precise weapons systems on the planet, evidence that its strikes have caused civilian casualties has steadily mounted — with some estimates indicating as many as 354 civilians allegedly killed in the coalition’s first year of operations. Still, despite launching thousands of airstrikes in Syria since its campaign began, the U.S. Central Command, as of September, had admitted to just one “likely” incident of a civilian casualty caused by a coalition strike. France announced it would join the coalition air campaign in Syria a year after the Americans did, in mid-September 2015. … The Russians have been bombing Raqqa as well”

And let’s not forget the role of Turkey

But wait – did the US actually claim “precise weapons systems”… like those drones?

Really? Drones precise?

“U.S. DRONE OPERATORS are inflicting heavy civilian casualties and have developed an institutional culture callous to the death of children and other innocents, four former operators said at a press briefing in New York”

  • Drone operators refer to children as “fun-size terrorists” and liken killing them to “cutting the grass before it grows too long,” said one of the operators, Michael Haas, a former senior airman in the Air Force. Haas also described widespread drug and alcohol abuse, further stating that some operators had flown missions while impaired.
  • The drone program killed people based on unreliable intelligence, the vast majority of people killed in a multi-year Afghanistan campaign were not the intended targets, and the military by default labeled non-targets killed in the campaign as enemies rather than civilians. Up to 90% of the people killed in drone strikes may be unintended, with the disparity glossed over by the recording of unknown victims as “enemies killed in action” Read more here:
  • The number of lethal airstrikes has ballooned under Obama’s watch. The Pentagon has plans further to increase the number of daily drone flights by 50% by 2019.- 41 men targeted – 1,147 people killed!  In Pakistan, in one attack, For the death of a man whom practically no American can name, the US killed 128 people, 13 of them children, none of whom it meant to harm. Some 24 men specifically targeted in Pakistan resulted in the death of 874 people.  In Yemen, 17 named men were targeted multiple times. Strikes on them killed 273 people, at least seven of them children. At least four of the targets are still alive.


So, does the US really want to destroy ISIS? Does the US really want to defeat terrorism? 


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