EVSC 305

EVSC 305: Climate Change: The Science and Local Impact on a Global Environmental Crisis

Fall 2011

Attention EVSC 305 students: We will be meeting in FBM room 104.   I will regularly be adding news articles and other items of relevance to climate change on this website. To access the articles, simply go to the main page (www.greenresistance.wordpress.com) and look under the category “climate change“.

Syllabus: EVSC 305 – climate change syllabus


1. chapters 1 and 2 for students

2. chapter 3 – for students

3. -F- history of cc and science of history

Test on ‘The Science of Climate Change’ – Tuesday October 26

4. Impacts of Climate Change: – (1) impacts – 1 (2) impacts2 ; and (3) impacts – 3

5 – Human ecology of climate change – climate change and human ecology

6 – Communication climate change [note the extra readings below]

— Good news! The three textbooks that comprise the reader are now available at the reserve section in the UOB Library. In case you want to see the whole book, read from the book, etc, the books are there for your use.


Supporting material to the chapters

Consequences of CC


Term Paper: research paper (Prospectus due November 18; Paper due January 20)

Climate Change News Feed – News Feed


Please note that the material below is from last year’s course.



==> How to reference: citingsources


By October 21 – you should have read all the above

Adapting to Climate Change

* Changing behavior (January 13, 2009) – all the readings below are due January 15

Read: ‘Public Attitudes and Behavior about Climate Change: What shapes them and how to influence them.’ By the Purdue Climate Change Research Center. – patchen-op0601

Read: ‘New Rules, New Games’ — newrules_newgame

Read: ‘How to spur action on climate change.’ Christian Science Monitor. November 2008

Read: ‘Exemplification and Behavior Change: College Students’ Perceptions of Climate Change Impacts‘ (read full document from that link)

Next section: Economics and Climate Change (to be read on January 22)

Business and Climate Change (for January 27/29)

Fourth Annual ‘Falsies’ Award: to recognize the people responsible for polluting our information environment . Specifically, refer to point 8: deleting heating

============the readings below are not for this class ======

Next Readings




  1. Human dominance over nature has made the Earth vulnerable to different threats: diseases, floods, droughts, and many others. Therefore, if people do not act and change their living habits, the impact of climate change will be devastating. However, this issue poses a conflict to different governments because actions that should be taken to reduce gas emissions affect their economies directly. So, what should be done? Political leaders refuse emission cuts, but we cannot just stand and watch our Earth’s end. In my opinion, politicians should consider nature as their top priority and start to think of environmental-friendly alternatives to deal with this problem in order to provide a safer future for the next generations.

  2. After reading the article “Global warming could save lives”, i couldn’t help myself notice that all what we care about is the increase or decrease of human mortality. Isn’t that a little bit selfish? we try to calculate what will be the outcome of global warming on human society, but what about animals, plants and the ecosystem? Humans exist because of the evolution of ecosystems an the animals in it. In some places, global warming might have some minor benefits on humans, but i cannot see any good outcomes for the green cover.

  3. what it takes to persuade people? I think this is a very important question.we have to move from the stage of if the climate change is human made or not or if it is real or not.we have to wakeup and do something.It is true that to persuade people is a very hard work and maybe sometimes you cannot arrive to change their minds.They have to see to believe.They have to experience to be touched.Australians and Canadians experienced and began to change their actions.What about our Arabian world do we need to experience too. i think we cannot handle the experience.We cannot handle the catastrophe.It is better to see and not waste time we are not prepared to be experienced..

  4. The idea of an international court to try ecological crimes is an encouraging suggestion to urge people to stop harming nature and start tackling the problem of climate change which is mostly a result of their daily activities. It is hard to establish such a court because first, people should agree on what makes environmental crimes and what are the rules that should be followed for such a matter; however this is very hard to agree on. Moreover, this idea is not supported by the Commission of Environmental Law that thinks that it will not be feasible. I think that if people and politicians agree, this court would be one effective solution to reduce the impact of climate change. All people will be urged to change their lifestyles and industries will be ought to reduce their gas emissions, and this should make a significant difference in the future.

  5. How can we convince people to change their attitudes towards global warming?I think that obviously any disaster caused by the climate change may constitute a push.However the most imortant factor is knowledge.People do not understand the danger of global warming.Awareness is the most basic step to convince them.

  6. Do we need miracles to save our planet?Actually i think that we cant survive in this damaged environment without miracles.The problem here is the illusion of self-control that humans believe in.Indeed this anthropomorphism is comparable to the addiction of people to smoking.Eventhough those people khnow the danger of smoking they continue to do it.Thus,although people know that this idea of contolling the nature lead to deterioration,they continue to do it.

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