EVSC 249

Hello EVSC 249 students. This is the page for the ‘writing for environmental professionals’ class. Reading assignments and writing assignments, as well as other tidbits, will be posted on this class. In addition, your own blogs will be posted on this class.

Note: Late assignments? Two points will be deducted for every hour delay, until ten points are reached, and then ten points will be deducted for every 24 hour delay in assignments.

EVSC 249 Student Blogs:

Jamila’s blog

Marwa’s blog

– Mohamed’s blog – envirotimes

Layal’s blog

Majd’s blog

– Jihan’s blog ??

Jessica’s blog

Layla’s blog

February 24:

  • Two students absent (Robert and Layal). Tsk tsk. Attendance is being kept in this class.
  • Assignment – Due 5 pm on February 24. email rania.masri@balamand.edu.lb an essay in which you explain why you want to study environmental science, your relationship to the environment (what it means to you), and what is a main environmental issue that you will be focusing on for this class, and why.  Be stylistic. Edit the work well. Edit your work carefully. Your audience is your peers.
  • Assignment – Due by class time (i.e. by 8 am) February 26.  Develop a blog (see http://www.wordpress.com and http://www.blogspot.com for setting up your own blog). By 8 am every Tuesday and every Thursday, you will review an article on your blog and bring it to class. Article reviews: We will begin each class with three-minute article reviews from students. You will be expected to bring one article to class, every class period, and introduce it to your classmates. Articles can be clippings from newspapers or journals, or copied from websites. They should cover some aspect of environmental science and management; however, the choice of article is left to you.  You are also expected to write about at least one article in your blog for every class period. Surprise us! Be certain that you write your name and date on each article submitted and any speaking notes; they too will go into your class portfolio. Your blog itself will also go into your class portfolio.

To see a sample blog, go to: www.evsc249.wordpress.com

Tasks for reviews

February 26:

  • Bring your article to class and be prepared to present it.
  • Assignment: Due March 3rd: Start and finish all the writing exercises on this page. E-mail me by March 3rd and tell me what exercises you accomplished correctly, and which ones you had problems in solving. Your email to me must be specific – referring to each specific question in the exercises.
  • Assignment: Due March 3rd: Start and finish all the writing exercises on this page. Print each page after completion and give it me by 8 am on March 3rd.

March 3

  • Absent: Majd and Jihan and Marwa

*Handouts: (1) Reverse Outlining (reverse_outline); and (2) Your Writing Process (writingprocess4); and (3) Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace (handout)

  • Resource for youHow to revise
  • Assignment: Due March 5. Edit (by constructing a reverse outline and by including your own comments) the student’s assignment that was given to you in class. Those of you who were not in class should see me as soon as possible; the assignment is still due March 5 for you.

March 5

  • Absent: Jamila and Jihan
  • Handouts/Resources: (1) Argument; and (2) example of an argument (Bill McKibben: Why I’m Planning to Get Arrested on Monday (and You Should, Too))
  • Assignment: Revise your own assignment #1 and write a reverse outline for your assignment and return it to me by 8 am on March 10.
  • For your blogs and article critiques, follow the model of identiying the argument made in the article, identify the points used to “prove” the thesis argument, and explain whether or not you yourself were convinced, and why or why not.

March 12

  • Absent: Jihan, Majd, Marwa, and Layal C. Mohamad was one hour late and thus counted as absent
  • Assignments: (1) Writing Assignment 4 was due March 10th. Only one person submitted it on time. Please submit that assignment by the end of today.  That assignment was: “Submit a re-write of your assignment #1 (your essay on why you want to study environmental science (or public health, for the public health students), your relationship to the environment, and what main environmental issue you will be focusing on and why), and submit a reverse outline with that assignment.” To be submitted via email. (2) Due (Sunday) March 15th by 5 pm via email.  Summarize a primary scientific article (published in a peer-reviewed journal) for a more general audience. Model your article after those in the New York Times “Science Tuesday” section. Your audience is a literature, inquisitive group, but most are not scientists. Your summary should be no more than 3 pages. E-mail me both your summary and the article you’ve chosen.  Go to the UOB Library databases to find your article. E-mail me if you have any questions. (3) For your blogs and article critiques, follow the model of identifying the argument made in the article, identify the points used to “prove” the thesis argument, and explain whether or not you yourself were convinced, and why or why not. Each of you should comment on another article on your blogs – by Saturday March 13 – and should dissect it as discussed earlier.

March 17:

Handouts: (1) Revision; (2) Organization; and (3) see all these sites for assistance on writing an outline – (a) one and (b) two

Assignment: Submit a detailed outline of an editorial on the environmental issue you have chosen. Your audience is the general Lebanese public.

March 19:

Assignments: (1) Submit your revised outline by Friday March 20; (2) submit your draft article by Tuesday March 24 (before 8 am on Tuesday). (3) Do all the assignments that you haven’t yet completed.

March 31:

* Okay. Many of you have yet to complete all the assignments, as listed on this page. It is your choice: Do them and get points deducted for them being late, but learn at least from the experience, or don’t do them and get a zero and gain nothing.

* New Assignments: (1) Read the chapter you chose in the book ‘Silent Spring’ (available in the bookstore), and be ready on April 2 to discuss the chapter and how Rachel Carson defends her statements; (2) submit your 4 page draft report by Monday April 6. See this document for details on how I want the report evsc-249-report; (3) continue working on your blog

April 7:

– First draft of the report was was due April 6

– Final draft of the report due April 23.

– Grammar issues? See: http://www.bartleby.com/strunk/

April 21

– Read chapters 1 to 10 in the book ‘On Writing Well,’ and carefully read the entire book – ‘The Elements of Style.’ Both are available in the bookstore

– Due by 8 am on April 23: your Final Draft on the report. As discussed in class, I want three versions: the original plus 2 edits. You can edit your paper best by doing ‘track changes’ in Microsoft Word and saving each version.

April 23

– From the book ‘Sisters of the Earth’ (available in the bookstore), read two pieces of prose (not poetry), and be ready on Tuesday to discuss the pieces. (Why you like/dislike what you read? In detail – and in writing. Have written notes by Tuesday.)

– Be sure to have read chapters 1-10 discussed previously in the book ‘On Writing Well’

April 28:

– Final report (3,000 – 4,000; including an abstract and list of citations with at least 10 references from various sources) due Monday May 4th via email.

– Readings due Thursday April 30 are in the bookstore. Pick them up today. I will not keep them in the bookstore past Tuesday April 28

May 12

– how to reference: (1) elearning guide; (2) another elearning guide; (3) and a third elearning guide. Pay special attention to the MLA style

May 14

– Your Blog: For the next two weeks (i.e. write 4 different postings), describe, in any form you choose but only with text and without pictures, your love for a certain aspect of the environment, either flora, fauna, or abiotic.

– Article: Spend no more than 3 hours, and email me before Tuesday morning (May 19) with your first draft of your newspaper article (600 – 800 words) based on your report.

– Your report: Submit your final report, if you want a change in your grade, by Thursday May 21. If you want a different deadline, email me directly and tell me what date you want


May 19:

Your grades thus far: grades thus far

Please note that the grade for the draft of the article submitted today was not included in the grades above.

Layla, Jessica, Mohamed, Jamila, and Marwa: Submit your draft of the article today.

Layal and Majd: You all have done the homework. Rest for two days.

May 26:

* 2nd Draft of newspaper article due today

* Edited final report due today, unless you have given me another deadline

* Press release (as discussed in class) due Thursday

* Extra credit: press release on the Outdoor event due Friday

May 28:

* Schedule an appointment with me to meet for a one-hour session. (Layal and Jessica already have scheduled appointments)

June 9:

* Be sure that your blogs are completed. There should be 18 posts in total, including 4 that focus on specific environmental aspects that you love and why (love letters. See Layal’s blog for examples). Due: June 12.

* Final newspaper article: Due Monday June 15

* One more assignment: Due by Thursday June 11.  In an essay, answer one of the following two questions: (a) what environmental problem most pains you and why?; or (b) if you could resolve one environmental problem, which would it be and why?

* No class on June 11th.



  1. …i’m confused 😦
    i did the blog its jessicanajem.wordpress.com
    i will send the essay to your email

    i’m sorry but i have just been added to the class:)

  2. Dr. Masri this is my blog 🙂 thank you for your passions


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