EVSC 331

EVSC 331: Environmental Management and Policy                Fall 2009/2010


(1) Identifying a problem (October 13-15)

read from: The Policy Process, by Tim W. Clark. Read Chapters 1 to 5 (pages 1 to 110). The book is available in the bookstore.

– an interesting article on framing the discussion: Why Environmental Understanding, or “Framing,” Matters: An Evaluation of the ecoAmerica Summary Report. The article refers to this report: Climate and Energy Truths: Our Common Future

(2)Tools:A Quick Review of Economic valuation

The first four are mandatory readings. The remainder are references

==> Check out the excellent collection of articles and essays on shifting the economic paradigm by Adbusters: Kick It Over

(3) Impact Assessment

(4) DPSIR framework

Note: Yes, I do want you to do the readings.

(5) Risk Assessment

Readings: Chapters 1, 2, 6, 9, and 10 in ‘Foundations of Natural Resources Policy and Management’ – in the bookstore

(6) Management

Environment and Poverty Nexus (undp_report_5)

Sustainable Livelihoods Framework


Your Paper:

By December 8: you should have done all the above, and begin reading section (7):

(7) Co-management of natural resources

Also: here is an excellent presentation on DPSIR. Review it please.

(8) Gender and the environment: readings from the book – gender and natural resource management

  • please read chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 7 , and chapter 10
  • please email me  based on the readings (and you can read more) – how:
    (1) what new light/perspective you’ve attained re: gender and environment?
    (2) what are the many multi-sectoral links between gender and NRM?
    (3) how it applies/you can apply it to the Arab world?
  • Due upon return from Christmas break

The above should be read by the end of December 2009

We meet again on Thursday January 7th at 2.00 pm

Schedule, as of January 13:

*January 14: You should have read the chapters on gender listed above. Read this document on gender and agriculture in Lebanon. gender agriculture lebanon

Also see the following documents on the status of women in Lebanon: (1) Women’s anti-discrimination committee meeting in Lebanon (2005); (2) status of married women in Lebanon (married women in lebanon)

* January 19: Begin reading the following papers on Policy

— From the book, ‘Implementing Sustainable Development’ – Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 7, and Chapter 9

— From the book, ‘Natural Resource Policymaking in Developing Countries’ – Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 7, and Chapter 8

— Be familiar with Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the UNDP/LAS report.  http://content.undp.org/go/newsroom/2009/december/development-challenges-outlined-in-new-arab-states-report.en

* January 22: Papers due. No exceptions. No late papers. Continued discussion on policy options. Exercise in class on doing research.

* January 28: present your reports.  Each presentation should be approximately 10 minutes. No longer.

(9) Policy: Policy Instruments
Decision-making / Stakeholder Identification
resolving issues in contention / global context of environmental policy


articles of interest

* Environmental Sustainability in the Arab World – Page_236_248_Environment(2)

* Environmental Security in the Arab World – env security

News on policy decisions

* Global fund ‘could pay owners to keep rainforests safe’ (October 14)


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