EVSC 331

EVSC 331 – Fall 2011

Reader 1:Natural Resource Management: Holistic examination: Examination of the social, economic, and environmental dimensions.  Special attention given to the relationships between ecology, economics, and communities, and to the concept of resources.

Note: your readings are either listed below or included in your dropbox folder.

1st Assignment: Due Monday October 14 by 8 am in dropbox.  See dropbox folder for details.

Readings: (1) and (2) below by Thursday October 10, and readings (2) by Monday October 21


available in the dropbox folder:
– John Bellamy Foster, ‘The Vulnerable Planet.’ Environmental Sociology. Chapter 1, pages 3 – 15, and also available here – > http://chapters.scarecrowpress.com/07/425/074253507Xch1.pdf

Supplemental Reading:

– ‘Driving South: The Globalization of auto consumption and its social organization of space.’ Draft pdf – drivsout-1 Final version available here . If you want a hard copy of the article, please let me know.

Reader 2: Livelihoods: The Sustainable Livelihoods Framework. What are livelihood assets? How do people build livelihoods? What options do people have? We also explore the poverty-environment nexus.


Case Studies:

Poverty and Environment readings:

Gender readings:

=== all the above is material for the mid-term exam ==
(note the material that is labeled ‘optional’ and ‘reference material’
is not mandatory reading for the exam)
McPherson and DeStefano.  Applied Ecology and Natural Resource Management. Chapter 1, pages 1 – 16.
  • Clark et al. Foundations of Natural Resources Policy and Management. Chapter 1, pages 3-31.
  • Vandana Shiva. Earth Democracy. Chapter 1 and part of Chapter 2, pages 1-23.

Slide presentations

– Economic Unit (includes Activity #2 assignment)economics unit-ff

– Economic Unit + Ecology Unit (includes project assignment and optional Activity) – economics unit+eco

– Sustainable Livelihoods – 1st Unit – SLF-march 14-s ; 2nd Unit – SLF-march 14-2

– DPSIR and problem tree analysis – dpsir

– Gender – gender



Previous work by students





For your information, here are the blogs that students  last year did for their study on Bedouins in Lebanon.



  1. I just want to make sure that I have the right reading list for next week:
    -From genocide to ecocide
    -The vulnerable planet
    – Learning about natural resources policy and management


  2. Yes, Plus the economics modules that I will be adding – once my internet speed allows that upload.

  3. hey doc,

    just a question: in monday’s assignment, you want us to go to the extreme in our ideas about the country or region we dream to live in… does that mean that some of our ideas can be not realizable in our country or anywhere? we have to count on the resources as a goal in our writing right?

    thank you

  4. My apologies Carla – I just saw your question. It is much better to just email me your question and to put the course name in the subject of the email.
    To answer your question, nevertheless: let your ideas be idealistic but dependent on the resources.

  5. “Age of Man
    It’s a new name for a new geologic epoch—one defined by our own massive impact on the planet. That mark will endure in the geologic record long after our cities have crumbled.”

    I just thought that this was somehow relevant to the topic we’r covering now…it’s not too special, but being the visual person that I am, I found it rather expressive (they do say a picture is worth a thousand words :P)…so i just thought i’d share it…

  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timbuktu

    very civilized country, obviously it is the “country” of Africa 😉

  7. I’m not able to access “The Poverty-Environment-Climate Nexus”..it’s showing strange characters

  8. I noticed that you didn’t have our blog name in your post.

    So just in case you don’t have, our blog is at: http://barja630.blogspot.com/

  9. Dr, Rania, could you kindly remove my assignment from the blog because I have noticed that it appears on a google search and I do not wish it to be public since it contains my ID number and so on.
    Sorry for inconvinience.

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