my library

My library in Lebanon

On this website, (or you can go directly to: ), is a listing of my books in Lebanon.  You can search for them under categories, and send me a note if you want to borrow any of the books.  (My Arabic books have not been posted yet.)

A fuller (though still incomplete) listing of my books (in Lebanon) is also available at

You can find books in the following categories:

  • Environment / Economics
  • Environmental Literature
  • Politics / History / Economics
  • Activism specifically
  • Public Speaking
  • Pedagogy
  • Religion
  • Writing
  • Literature
  • Other nonfiction
  • Spirituality

Here is a listing of the documentaries and other DVDs I have. These are not listed on The Shelf

1.    Winged Migration
2.    March of the Penguins
3.    Thirst (DVD and VHS)
4.    Micro-cosmos
5.    Baraka
6.    Aamakaar: The Turtle People.
7.    Ahmed and the return of the Arab Phoenix
8.    Salmnonera. A documentary film by Brent McDonald.
9.    An Inconvenient Truth.
10.    Global Warming: The signs and the science. Hosted and narrated by Alanis Morissette. PBS.
11.    Life and Debt
12.    The Corporation
13.    Iraq for Sale
14.    Why We Fight
15.    The Fourth World War
16.    Wal-Mart
17.    Distorted Morality
18.    Preventive Warriors
19.    Soldiers Speak Out. (re: US soldiers against the war on Iraq)
20.    Writers on the Border: A Journey to Palestine
21.    A Summer not to Forget. By Carol Mansour. (re: July 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon)
22.    Memories of Ras Beirut. By M. Hojeij.
23. Blue Gold. (on water)
24. 11th hour (on climate change)


  1. Hi Doctor,
    Can I borrow the book “An inconvenient truth” by Al Gore?
    Thank you

  2. Fouad: Please pick another book. Ecologie du Liban is not a book suitable to be critiqued for this class.
    -Rania Masri

  3. Dear Farid: Please pick another book. “An Inconvenient Truth” (the book) does not include enough text to warrant it being read as a book.

    -Rania Masri

  4. Hi Doctor,
    I would like to check the book “Water, Politics, and Public Involvement” by Pierce and Doerksen if possible.
    Thank you

  5. Hello Dr. Rania,
    Can I reserve book # 28 “The world without us”
    I used the word reserve because I want to borrow it during the easter vacation if possible.
    Also, I would like to borrow “An inconvenient truth” not for the critique thingy. Thanks in advance.

  6. Dear Peter – Could you please pick another book, one a bit longer?

  7. hi Dr rania
    i would like to borrow the book
    # 3: hope human and wild
    thank you

  8. Hi Dr., can I please borrow book number 47. Our Stolen Future.
    Thank you

  9. Hello Dr;
    I was looking through the books but couldn’t really make a choice…Can you help me please?
    I’ll most probably go for a book in the litterature section.
    Dr,I just want to remind you about our meeting on wednesday at 8:30.
    Thank you.

  10. Bring The Poisonwood Bible for Jessica

  11. Jessica K. from Ecology has borrowed ‘Strange as the weather has been’

  12. Hi Doctor,
    I would like please to borrow thr book: A Language Older than Words, By Derrick Jensen.

    Thank You in advance

  13. hi Dr Masri can i please borrow the book Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World. By Jack Weatehrford. (number 5 in the list)

    Thank you

  14. hi Dr. Rania please i want to borrow “A Language Older than Words. By Derrick Jensen” number 65 in the list

  15. hi Dr. Rania please i want to borrow “A Language Older than Words. By Derrick Jensen” number 65 in the list.

  16. Hey Dr.Rania, i was wonderin if i could borrow the book titled “Valuing the Earth. Edited Daly and Townsend” it’s the book number 60 in the list.
    Thank you

  17. hello DR.RANIA
    i would like please to borrow this book: “Birds without Wings”. It’s the book number 188 in the list.
    thank you

  18. Hi Doctor,
    I would like please to borrow the book: Ecopolitics
    (number 56 in the list).

    Thank You in advance

  19. hello Dr Rania,
    plz may I borrow the book n#25 : Water Wars. By Vandana Shiva. Thank you!!

  20. Myassar – please note that I can bring you that book, but only after the break since that book is in my apartment in Beirut and not in my office here.

  21. hi Dr. Rania…

    plz i would like to remind you to get me the book about extinction you told me about in class.

    Thank you very much.

  22. Hello dr.
    I wanted to remind you that I now have the book “Sick Planet”
    I will return “Living Downstream” to you on wednesday

  23. hi dr. Rania, can i plz borrow, ” Monster of God. By David Quammen.” nb 20 on z list, or “The World Without Us. By Alan Weisman.”, nb 28 on z list, ur choice, pick me something fun 🙂 thank you.

    Hiba Radwan

  24. Hiba – Please choose other books. Both those books are checked out already.


  25. N. Masri has borrowed the book ‘The Desert Smells Like Rain’ – to be returned on June 23, 2009

  26. Hello Dr
    Please note that I have already returned both books that I borrowed from you.
    Thank you

  27. Hi Dr. Rania can I please borrow, “The End of Nature by Bill MCKIBBEN”.

    Thank you very much 🙂

  28. hi Dr. Rania can i borrow “Educating for a culture of a social and ecological peace”

  29. hi Dr. Rania you told me to remind you to get me ” The End of Nature” + ” The Biology of Belief” !!

    Thank you 😀

  30. just because i didn t know exactly the english exact name :
    eugene zamiatin “We”
    you ll like it… Good luck with your Nissan and see you soon with news about Peugeot…

  31. Hello Dr,
    Can I please borrow the book “Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein?
    Thank you:)

  32. Dear Dr. Masri,
    i am Taking your PDHP212 class and i would love to read a book. But, i am fiding difficulties chosing. Do you suggest anything?

  33. Hi Dr Rania
    Please can I borrow the book development — at what price?, But I’m confused between the last one and the inconvenient truth. Please can you help me, anyway I may need both.
    Thank you

  34. hi Dr. Rania i ama a studenr in BIOL 207 I want to read a book but i’m finding it hard to choose one. can i ask for your help, I love books that are related to our daily life nit a fiction book snd not so long. thank you

  35. Heyy Dr . I’m a student in your biol 207 class and i need your help in choosing a book. ”Blink” is it a book related to what we should read? If not please help me finding a book that is somehow related to human spirits and kind of philosophy if possible. Thank You.

  36. Hi Dr Rania,
    i would like to borrow the book “Prodigal Summer” by Barbara Kingsolver in order to read it as you requested.
    Thank you,

  37. hello dr
    i want to ask you can i borrow the book: the bastard of istanbul?
    thank you.

  38. Hi Doctor Rania…
    I told you in class that i was interested in the book about the dust but looking at the shelfari reviews I was more interested in a book called “Blessed Unrest” could i please borrow that book?

    Thanks! 🙂

  39. Hi Doctor,
    Since it isn’t possible to read “Blessed Unrest” could I please borrow one of the three following books? I guess just choose which one is easiest for you to reach or which one you personally like more…
    – “Beyond Slash, Burn and Poison: Transforming Breast Cancer Stories into Action” by Marcy Jane Knopf Newman
    – “The Green Belt Movement: Sharing the Approach and the Experience” by Wangari Maathai
    – “A Language Older than Words” by Derrick Jensen
    Thank you!

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