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This page includes a selection (i.e. likely not updated and definitely not comprehensive) of my writings and public presentations. For more information, email me at


(Select) Recent Presentations [Please note that these presentations are more pictures than text.  If you want any supporting material for them, please email me.  Please also note that many, if not all, of these presentations involve animation so they are best viewed as a slide show.]

On Palestine – and the Israeli assault on Gaza

* On August 13, I gave  a talk in Chapel Hill, North Carolina hosted by Balance and Accuracy in Journalism about the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, the racism against both Palestinians and African-Americans – with a highlight on Ferguson, and the critical need to connect the struggles, using BDS as one tool.  The talk is available here: (45 minute talk)

* Talk at Coalition for Peace with Justice. “Crisis in Gaza and the West Bank: Context and Action.” August 6, 2014. The talk has received more than 32,000 direct hits on YouTube as of September 3, 2014 . (30 minute talk)

That talk is also available in Portuguese here: and in Spanish here:

* “What is Barbaric, Mr. Obama?” – Protest talk given in Austin, Texas on August 2, 2014. This talk has received more than 55,000 direct hits on Y68923_10154408556585363_7356662676241808291_nouTube as of September 3, and has been subtitled in Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Farsi, and Japanese. The english transcript is also available here.  The talk is available here: (9 minute talk)






* On August 2, I spoke at an event sponsored by the Interfaith Community for Palestinian Rights in Austin, Texas.  I spoke about the impacts of the Israeli assault on Gaza, its relationship to the rest of Palestine, relationship with Egypt, and the ways that concerned individuals – in Texas, nationwide, and around the world – can work to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine, with special attention to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and can connect the struggles. The audio of that talk is available here: and the (incomplete) video is available here: This is the most comprehensive talk I have given on the subject.


On Syria (and the US push for a war on Syria)

*  Talk at Balance and Accuracy in Journalism Meeting: “Uncovering the Syrian Conflict”. July 27, 2013 (and  Q&A session from BAJ talk:

* DC Teach-in: Why we must stop US Military Action in Syria (with Bassam Haddad) (1) September 5, 2013 (and part 2 – and part 3 –

* On The Syrian Conflict And The US Military Intervention. September 7, 2013. (and Q&A session:

Interviews on Syria:

* Is the Obama Administration Giving Us the Truth About Syria? September 5, 2013

* Debate on Democracy Now: As Assad Regime Accepts Russian Plan on Chemical Weapons, A Debate on Syria’s Path Forward – September 10, 2013

* Rania Masri and Chris Hedges On Obama’s Syria Address – September 11, 2013 –

* PT 2: Chris Hedges and Rania Masri On What the Future May Hold For Syria September 11, 2013-

* Extended interview on Reality Asserts Itself – (3 parts) – September 17, 2013

* UN Syria Report Confirms Chemical Weapons Used, Culprit Still Not Known – September 17, 2013

On environment

  • “Rio + 20: What has been achieved?” – June 27, 2012 rio+20 [given to the UNDP-Regional Center in Cairo office] — please refer to the notes in the powerpoint presentation for the accompanying text
  • “Water scarcity in the Arab world: how to get from ‘crisis’ to ‘sustainable’? – May 8, 2012 water security final [given to the League of Arab States] — please contact me for the accompanying text


ON Boycott…

* The case for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS). Presentation given at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. September 13, 2010. bds-talk-at-ncsu-sept-2010 [If you want a copy of the notes of the talk, please email me]

* Resistance Strategies and boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS). Presentation given at the Israeli Apartheid Week, AUB, March 5, 2010. bds-talk at aub march 2010

* From South Africa to Palestine/Israel: Using Boycott to End Apartheid. August 19, 2009. Chapel Hill. Powerpoint presentation – bds talk

Select Chapter Publications

*    Assault on Iraq’s Environment: Radioactive Waste and Disease – The effects of depleted uranium weaponry and blockade. Iraq: Its History, People and Politics.  Ed. by Shams Inati.  Prometheus Books.  2003.

*    The Al-Aqsa Intifada:  A natural consequence of the military occupation, the Oslo accords, and the ‘peace process.’  The Struggle for Palestine.  Ed. by Lance Selfa. Haymarket Books.  2002.

*    Abunimah, Ali and Rania Masri.   The Media’s Deadly Spin on Iraq.   Iraq Under Siege:  The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War.  Ed. by Anthony Arnove.  South End Press. Co-Published by Pluto Press in London.  2000. Second Edition – 2002.

*    Environmental Challenges in Lebanon.  Challenging Environmental Issues – Middle Eastern Perspectives.  Ed. by Joseph Jabbra and Nancy Jabbra.  Journal of Developing Societies, Volume XIII – fasc. 1. June 1997. Brill Academic Publishers. The Netherlands.  1997.

Select Journal Articles

*    Teaching Amid Despair: Global Warming and Israeli Wars on Lebanon. Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture. Volume 1. Number 2. November 2007. Routledge.

*    Iraqi Food Security? Al-Adab Magazine. November-December 2005. Beirut, Lebanon.

*    Open Forum. (Response to Richard Garfield and Kwesi Dugbatey’s article on the role of NGOs in Iraq).  Humanitarian Affairs Review. Autumn 2000.  Belgium.

*     “Development” — At What Price? A review of the environmental management of Lebanese authorities (1992-1998).  Arab Studies Quarterly.  Volume 21. No. 1.  1999.

Writings available on-line

– Environmental writings –

The following articles are available in arabic at:

*“What’s in a number? A critique of the World Bank’s economic assessment of the environmental destruction of the July 2006 war. March 2008. (English Text: shorter-what-is-in-a-number)

* The big fish eats all the fish. December 2007 (English Text:big-fish-eating-all-fish)

* Drought, Thirst, and Hunger. September 2007. (English Text: droughtthirsthunger)

* What kind of sovereignty do we want? July – August 2007. (English Text:food1)

* Global Warming and Israeli Wars on Lebanon: Teaching Hope. May – June 2007. (English Text: global-warming-and-teaching-hope2)

– Political writings


  1. I just read your article for Scoop. And I must say that i strongly disagree on the line of argument that you used during this article. Before going in the details, the army had no right to shoot at unarmed civilians. Nevertheless, the protest did get out of hand, because as you wrote in the article: the protest continued outside the camp AGAINST THE WILL of the organizers. As for the wounded (especially the 3 years old child), i am still wondering what a 3years old child is doing between a crowd that are protesting??? And why there were no response to the warning shots???BUT the biggest questions are: what was said in that protest infront of the lebanese army??? The protesting Palestinians forgot the many breaks given by the army to civilians to get out of the El-Bared camp???? or how about cussing on army individuals that were butchered in cold blood which triggered the whole war ???? I think that palestinians should focus on a better control of security inside each camp. Then they can protest on other things.

  2. Adib Kfoury must’ve forgotten that no army in the world has the right to shoot live bullets on a protest whereas it was peacefully organized (which was the case here) or not. There are different ways to secure a protest, and shooting at people is not one of those. Proof to that, after the shooting the protest degenerated into a violent riot.
    The shootings were just a way to instigate this seeked degeneration.
    And do not mix the murderers of the army’s martyrs with the palestinians that were protesting for humane reasons.
    The reasons behind Al-Bared are far more bigger than what you’d expect.

    • it all.When my new website opens, it will feature the most inspiring WN vision ever seiBtnu.…et will also permit every newcomer to see the WN freak show for what it is, be it Duke, Black, Strom, Gliebe, and more.Look for it.

    • Oh, one more thing.I love the way the sheep that follow this site post comments without taking credit for them.Either all those comments are made by the same person, or I was wrong about calling them sheep for following your oratory. I apologize. I meant to call them chicken.Proud people put their name on their work!!!!!!

  3. Jamal, did you read carefully my comment? i don’t think so. Check the third line of my comment.

  4. I just read your article “speaking for peace”. I’m totaly with you with the terorisem thig but i don’t think that in only roving gangs and thug which are american people are attaking arabs. It is right that they are attaking them but also there are arab gags that attak’s americans. I have friends in the US and in canada too that told me about those arab gangs and some of them are much wors than those american thugs. But on the other hand i realy like the artical.

  5. Looking great place for journey to enjoying so much it is looking so adventures and amazing…… Traveling during the holidays is always interesting.

  6. Rene De La Varre, a fairly recent arrival to Chapel Hill, NC, has written vitriolic letters to the local newspapers on activities and events he considers hostile to Israel.

    On August 19, 2009, Rani Masri gave a masterful presentation in Chapel Hill, NC, to a receptive audience that became informed of necessary responses to the supression of the Palestinian people. I have not see Mr. De La Varre at this event nor others.

  7. Mr Delavarre, let’s jump beyond the fact that you, like many, can only explain anti-israeli activism by primitive hatred, racism, anti-jew “ism”, and the fact that you cannot admit that someone might have an opinion which is different than yours, AND led by rational convictions. Let’s also not talk too much of how the number of times you say “liberal” like the word alone was an argument, makes you sound like the guy who would wear a “don’t mess with texas” shirt and name his pick-up truck.
    Let’s get to the point: As a leftist nazi liberal jew-hater (apparently), i’m asking you how are we gonna solve this problem?
    You’re saying that you’re against the “two states for two people” formula, for x reasons. Very well, propose an alternative solution und we shall discuss it.

  8. I normally if ever use those terms. Yes, they are cliched, it’s just that I have heard the same garbage from the “left” for too long. All their arguments are laced with false hoods. How can one small speck of a country be held up to such a high double standard when you consider all the real human rights abuses in the world, yet Israel is always singled out. THus, my conclusion, and the only one left ……anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, whatever. I dont know what to call it. I do know that the left wing is strongly aligned with the same lame cliches, “occupation” ethnic cleansing” “apartheid”, etc. This argument is a waste. I have stated the facts based on history of the region, and based on what I have seen first hand! Please read previous posts and letters to editor. I can, but wont repeat all the points.
    RPaul de la Varre

  9. OK. another point. Another stereotype: There are as many rednecks in NY as their are in Texas OK. “DOnt Mess with Texas” refers to anti-pollution laws!!!!! – not fighting!.Christ……I am an author, got 2 degrees, and am well read, so dont even consider me a redneck. I’ve walked down the streets of Harlem, Kingston, Jamaica, Beirut, and I feel at home with arabs, blacks, and any other color for that matter. The arabs are nice people; their leadership is corrupt and hate all things not Islam.

    • Just the type of inisght we need to fire up the debate.

    • Et Richard domine Ramos et s’octroie un permis de self-démolition face à NoGlutenovic. Ça va être moche, comme un ange plumé par une moissonneuse-batteuse, je ne regarderai pas. Il faut la foi de Patricia.

  10. You can have a degree from Yale, have people call you Mr President and still be a pure breed, joe six-pack redneck. on’t say anti-jewish, anti-israel, whatver. It’s not the same thing. I live in Lebanon now (not many jewish people there) but i’ve lived in Paris for years, i have many Jewish friends (even been invited to a bar-mitzvah) and yet i’m very anti-israeli. But it’s a purely political opinion, and that’s what you can’t assume. One can have anti-israeli opinions without being racist, without being an islamist, without being a bleeding heart leftist and without being a nazi or a fascist. I’m not even considered “liberal” on some issues.
    But you still haven’t answered my question. According to you, what’s the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? If a Palestinian state isn’t created, what would be the next step? Do we keep things theway they are, do we throw paletinians to the sea, do we try and give them a surrogate state somewhere on Saturn? After all, despite all your “arguments”, they still are a people, human beings. And they were on this land before the israelis (let’s not rewind to -2000 BC, because that way the italians could claim half of europe), therefore they at least deserve a state.

  11. Israel should annex the entire area once known as “Palestine” with Jerusalem (as whole) the Israeli capital….actually it is already………And like it is now, all Arabs have a right to be Israeli citizens, represented in government with all the same rights Jews have…..which is the case now!……Israel is the only semblance of liberty, free speech, gay rights, womens rights, etc in the entire region, which, except Lebanon, lives in the dark ages.

    It makes me laugh when I see how mad Arabs are at Israel, the size of little Vermont; Arab lands – the size of TEXAS. .And all they do is cry and complain about the misfortunes they have created, simply for hating all reglions but their own. There never was a “Palestine” and never will be. This land was never exclusively Araba, and never will be.

    Let Egyp, Syria, or Lebanon take in the “refugees who dont want to become Israelis. Their is no more room (or trust) for a separate “Palestinian” state next to Israel. No way. I am done.

  12. “No way. I am done” who the hell do you think you are? You’re an idiot. Israel being a haven of public liberties is all very pretty. It’s like saying jack the ripper was a fine man because he removed his hat when saluting a lady. You know, before raping and killing her. Do you know what was the first country to pass a law on animal rights? Germany. Do you know when? When a guy called adolf hitler was ruling. Because apprently, Hitler wanted animals to be treated fairly. Does that make him a charitable person? No it doesn’t, because the freak was killing millions in gas chambers at the same time. So i couldn’t care less about gay people being able to kiss in public, when you’re using napalm on neighborhoods with the highest civilian density in the world. And how would you expect palestinians to accept becoming israeli citizens? Netanyahu recently said that one of the sine qua none conditions for peace was for palestinians to recognize israel as a jewish state. Anyway, our differences in opinion seem to be very deep so there’s no point trying to convince one another. But let me tell you facts. In its last two big military operations in Lebanon 2006 and Gaza last January, the israeli army (as you call it israeli defence force -innocent boyscouts that they are) has failed to achieve its goals. Against who? Against a bunch of guys who used steel tubes and dynamites to craft rockets. And you failed to turn the people against the resistance movements, despite the massacres. Hell, you even managed to make most lebanese christians support hezbollah. that’s how bad you screwed up. Recents polls have shown that the israeli people believed hassan nasrallah more than they did their own leaders. And hezbollah has more than re-armed since 2006, so did hamas. But that’s not why you’ll lose. You’ll lose because palestinian mothers are in this state of mind: the more children i get, the more resistants (call them terrorists if you want) there will be. And migration to israel has been sensibly reduced. The maths war, you cannot win. And by the way “Let Egyp, Syria, or Lebanon take in the refugees who dont want to become Israelis. ” That’s called Ethnic Cleansing. And stop comparing anything that attacks israel to hitler. How could a sane mind compare the palestinians to the sudetian germans? The palestinians were and still are a MAJORITY. they’re not a cultural minority in another’s country. they’re a majority in their own country. and they were here before the importation of jewish colonials who became israelis. You’re actually talking about ethnic cleansing. Palestinians in a land, we import jewish colonials, make a jewish country (the star of david is on the flag, so it’s pretty much a jewish country. or we’d describe saudi arabians as laics.) make the palestinians either become part of this jewish country, or we make them depart from their homes. that’s ethnic cleansing. how could it get more ethnic cleansing-y? that’s what happened in 1947, and apparently that’s what your great humanist mind wants to do now. except you can’t. they’ve been living in hell since 1947, but they’re still there, and willing to hang on. either kill them all if you can (brings us back to the maths thing) or live with them. and give them their rights. because where i see it going, is simply israel disappearing.

    • Stay invomratife, San Diego, yeah boy!

  13. You’ve conveniently overlooked all the facts I stated…..The Palestinians created their own misery; no one forced them out; they left on their own, with the pressure of their arab pals who were so convinced they could destroy Israe; Now look at what youve created……a nuclear force which Israel did not want to have but were forced to because of all her surrounding enemies. Admit it, the Syria, Egpt and Jordan dont give a crap about the so called “Palestinians” because they know it is not Israel that created the problem…..Egypt produced 365 books last year; Israel produced 4,238!!!! They are smarter, tougher, and will never disappear. And you are a complete devoid of all history, and totally in denial. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being….And, this is the last time I will answer assholes. Goodnight Asshole.

  14. You see, i too am subjective but at least i use rational arguments (you may agree or not, but they’re still arguments) while you, Mr “two degrees, well-read” (it doesn’t count if the people who read you are the same people who hold Dr Phil as an intellectual reference) Voltaire of Chapel Hill, only say stuff you’ve pulled out of your own butt (apart maybe from the books thing, which i cannot be bothered to verify because i don’t care about the cultural level in egypt, as i will state later). “A nuclear force which israel did not want to have”? Do you think i’m mentally challenged? I never mentioned arab countries (which, as far as i’m concerned, are constituted of ignorant sheep led by fat, even more ignorant, pigs.) and there you go telling me how israel produces more books than egypt. egypt being israel’s main ally in the region. I go talk about polls results, and military facts that happened in the last two years, acknowledged by the israelis themselves, and you throw a ridiculous “they’re smarter and thougher and will never disappear”. I don’t mind you calling me an asshole, but please, before that, quote some facts and let us have an actual debate.

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