Green Resistance is an educational web site and may include copyrighted material in accordance with section 107 of the US Copyright Law. This blog is a discussion on struggles for change and connections between the environment, economy, and politics by me (Rania Masri).

I am currently Associate Director of the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship at the American University in Beirut.

The opinions I express here, on my blog, are my own, and do not necessarily reflect that of either the Institute or the University.

I can best be contacted at rania.z.masri@gmail.com

Here is my CV, fyi: rania-masri-cv-2017-wo-ref

You can also contact me on facebook at: http://facebook.com/rania.masri and follow me on twitter at ‘rania_masri’
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  1. Welcome Back to your site….

  2. hey Dr Rania we don’t know each other im working on a radio program about cinema in general and one of the segement is about the local film festival hope that we can meet to have a cinversation about cinema all foukdan my number is 70839476
    salim khalil

    • This page appears to get a good ammount of visitors. How do you advertise it? It offers a nice individual twist on things. I guess having something authentic or suiansttbal to talk about is the most important thing.

  3. check this out

  4. Dr.Masri, how would you like to have a full domain name? It would look like greenresistance.com, personnaly, to me, that would look more professornal. no scams and for free. just email me.

    • I agree with Daniel Norman. Getting your own full domain name, such as http://www.greenresistance.com, at least as a mirror site to this blog page, would be more professional and also easier to find.

  5. Hi Dr. Rania, how are you? You probably don’t remember who I am, I was one of your students in BIOL 207.
    I came across an article, which reads like good news, but I’m a bit skeptical so I looked for the catch and couldn’t find it.
    Here’s the link: http://www.autospies.com/news/BMW-believes-in-Green-48913/
    I’d love to know what you think about it!
    Thanks and have a nice day!

  6. “Bin Laden on climate change”, is just a hilarious article! i find it to be entertaining and ironic at the same time. i mean come on…Bin Laden and environment? how could that combination be possible? but whatever, he is at least admitting something true and could be called advantageous for the environmentalists!!

  7. […] ~ from Green Resistance […]

  8. A one sided political blog with a smattering of hatred for the Israeli government or anyone in financial security. Some of your readers are not idealistic western teens with no experience of the world they live in. I have seen first hand the murder of children at the hands of “peaceful” Palestinians and on the other hand indirect artillery fired on Palestinian civilians as well. I have also witnessed staged photo ops by Hamas and “wounded” women get right up and walk away with no injuries, and I have watched Palestinians and foreigners break a ceasefire with mortar fire. All the while having no idea they were being observed from their own backyard. One benefit of US military service is a chance to see for yourself the lies portrayed by the supposed victims of conflicts that one wouldn’t normally have access to, besides the fecal matter the media spoon feeds us daily. I am not alone in my experiences or the conflict in Israel/Palestine would be over, due to intervention. Palestine has allowed itself to be corrupted by religious zealots just as numerous other Islamic countries. I suspect the suffering and death will stop when the antiquated 8th century extremists and world leaders that are infected with greed become extinct, only then can we have a world of peace. I found your blog while researching the history of covert warfare.

  9. ‘Twould be a pity to leave the last word here to a NaZionist kiddie-killer such as the typically nameless & shameless coward hiding under the mask of “TallLegg3r”.

    Speaking of words, the meaning of “justice” in the present moment of the evolution of our race = “HP” for “Hang HenKi by his Pinkie”. The perp named being the 3rd king of the Jews after Judah P. Benjamin and Bernard Baruch.
    In articles on the Usenet I have long explained the details of the proposed ceremony*. The biggest benefit of the 9/11/2001 Stunt designed by this perp & his partner Aerial Shaboom was finally to push lerts everywhere into seeing the hands of BB and David Ben Gurion behind the11/22/1963 hit in my then hometown of Dallas, which was the jumbo Jewish coup d’etat of all time. Four years afterwards, the purpose of the Israeli attack on the USS LIBERTY was to announce to Wall St ASP’s & to the Pentagon brass the kosher ID of the new tyrants of the Planet. The subsequent curve of USGov tribute to Israel shows clearly that the message was received.

    The task of putting our house in order falls to the normal alias “gentile” people of the world.


    * See, for example:


    Newsgroups: soc.culture.israel, soc.culture.palestine, talk.politics.mideast, soc.history.war.misc
    Date: 2000/07/11
    Subject: Re: Palestinians Challenge Israel to Use Iron Fist

    PSALM 59
    “Against Unjust Judges”

    Do you indeed like gods pronounce justice and judge fairly,
    you men of rank?
    Nay, you willingly commit crimes; on earth you look to the
    fruits of extortion.
    From the womb the wicked are perverted; astray from birth
    have the liars gone.
    Their poison like a serpent’s….
    O God, smash their teeth in their mouths; the jaw-fangs of the
    lions, break, O Lord! …
    The just man shall rejoice when he sees vengeance; he shall
    bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked.
    And men shall say, “Truly there be a reward for the
    just; truly there be a God who judges on earth!”



    Newsgroups: alt.activism.death-penalty, ca.politics, soc.culture.usa, alt.law-enforcement
    Date: 2000/03/15
    Subject: Abolish the Peacetime Death Penalty, Even for Gore, Clinton & Bush?

    Or again, Isaiah 59:1-18

    • Couldn’t agree with your post more. I’ve loved watching this guy grow under Sloan. And to add further evidence, I picked up Millsap at the end of the 6th round of my Fantasy draft (which was still higher than he was pr1ar-nked)&#821e; now everybody’s asking me for a trade. Not a chance!

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  11. u know i stand in line until you think i have the time to spend an evening with me

  12. I know you from Stanford. I found your blog and watched your talk about the Syrian situation on youtube and was impressed with your passion and with your deep knowledge of the conflict there. To some extent I have been deluded, or deeply misinformed, by the media coverage here in the US about Syria and our interests there. We, those of us here in the States, know that we should be wary, but we have lost our natural instinct for the truth. Our press, the most important instrument of our supposed freedom, has become a fountain of govspeak. There is some alternative press here and they are left alone to write what they want, but their readers have been suppressed very successfully by the fat and the salt and the sugar they are fed from our supermarkets, by the shiny cars they are brainwashed to covet, by the debt that accompanies that covetous desire, and by the aura and the great and the brilliant idea of America that they have been led to misinterpret and to misunderstand. Thanks for some truth.

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