Posted by: r.m. | February 27, 2011

expanding the ‘we’

My brilliant brother (Wael is his name) commented on this earlier post (The “I”, the “we” and my family)

I want to share his comment with all

“Now the brother answers. When the “we” is meaningfully and frequently expanded (and in multiple dimensions) beyond the immediate few, one’s connection with the world equally grows. The web of life becomes more intricate and interesting, just as the World Wide Web of the Internet becomes more meaningful by expanding out from a few limited sites. The sense of camaraderie and community grows, both in the physical and virtual realms. After all, life is not a spectator sport.

So politics in this sense is not about listening or partaking in the daily news sessions. It is about understanding one’s connection with the world and with the forthcoming events. So yes, there can be no real separation of the political from the personal, at least not without being superficial and disconnected from reality.”



  1. I really liked this.
    What can i say? Brilliant siblings- Rania and Wael. 🙂

  2. Indeed Wael.
    If many more people adopted your perception, imagine what a friendly place the world would be. In most sci-fi movies, we imagine that when we set foot on an alien planet, we see that its inhabitants form one single community. We don’t think of them as rich/poor, strong countries vs weak,less developed ones, and we especially do not imagine them having civil wars among each other. If we were able to achieve the same situation, we would be living a simple, enjoyable life.
    So many problems were caused by humans. If they all began to think about the real challenges ahead of them for once, they would be all dropping their weapons, reunited in the face of mundane disasters. They would all be allocating their money for their rescue, maybe they wouldn’t even need money to be motivated. A time like that will be coming, but is that time going to be just too late?

  3. You are absolutely correct and i totally agree with the idea that “there can be no real separation of the political from the personal”. Politics has different effects on our social life, our work life even our study life.The most clear example is Lebanon, and most recently the fuel controversy that occured!All this chaos and all this change that happened was merely due to a political disagreement between two different political sides! It affected every single lebanese citizen even the ones who pretend to be “superficial and disconnected from reality”…You live in a community, then you are and you will be affected by its politics, like it or not.

  4. In a biosphere where we are no more than invisible people, evolving in an ecosystem where everything is a necessity in order to grow up to a visible point. That point interacts with the same but not the identical new point to give a community where a population communicates to evolve creating an organism living in a world manipulated under the name of a society where political behaviour resulting in a positive or negative economical impact on each living point.
    As a conclusion, the “we” and the “I” are parts of our codes that contribute in building up a complete circle of points affecting the smallest as well as the biggest detail of the dynamic processing system in a particular place at a specific time in that random ecosystem.

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