Posted by: r.m. | February 20, 2011

interview on Press TV re: Bahrain

FYI – here’s the youtube of my last interview on Press TV. topic: Bahrain

One problem (among many) I have with network news is that they interview someone from the country to just give the facts, and then they interview “experts” (who declared them experts?) from outside the country to give analysis. Why can’t the person interviewed from inside the country – in this case Nabeel Rajab – give the analysis as well? There’s something quite problematic and a bit Western about this concept. Get someone on the ground to just “give the facts” then someone thousands of km away to give the context and the analysis.  Why?  Why does the “native” have to be relegated to such a position and the far-away so-called expert to be given the position of teacher and interpreter?

At any rate, here are the links

Part 1 ->

Part 2 ->

Part 3 ->


And FYI here’s a link to an earlier audio interview with Press TV about the US in the region


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