Posted by: r.m. | November 25, 2015

#ISIS and #Turkey

“For well over a year the Turkish Government has been secretly supporting ISIS, but the US and NATO turn a blind eye to this because of Turkey’s geopolitical position. ISIS as an armed force – though not ISIS terrorists outside the Mid East region – would most likely have been defeated long ago had it not been for Turkey’s support.”


Read the article in full here: ISIS survives largely because Turkey allows it to: the evidence – and there is plenty of referenced evidence included there

From the article:

 1. Turkey Provides Military Equipment to ISIS

2. Turkey Provided Transport and Logistical Assistance to ISIS Fighters

3. Turkey Provided Training to ISIS Fighters

4. Turkey Offers Medical Care to ISIS Fighters

5. Turkey Supports ISIS Financially Through Purchase of Oil

6. Turkey Assists ISIS Recruitment

7. Turkish Forces Are Fighting Alongside ISIS

8. Turkey Helped ISIS in Battle for Kobani

9. Turkey and ISIS Share a Worldview


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